The Tea Sage Hut has switched to a ten-day course schedule! Unless otherwise specified, each course is an Introduction to Cha Dao, with lessons in meditation, various kinds of tea, tea ceremony, trips to gather water, water and fire lessons, experience tea processing at a tea farm, teaware outings and much more. It is our intention that you go home immersed in a deeper understanding of Cha Dao and know a lot more about tea. Of course, we also will send you home with the skills you need to begin practicing tea ceremony.

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2018 Course Schedule

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Mon. January 8 – Wed. January 17 (Full)

Mon. January 22 – Wed. January 31 (Full)

Mon. February 5 – Wed. February 14 (Full)

Mon. February 19 – Wed. February 28 (Full)

Mon. March 5 – Wed. March 14 (Full)

Mon. June 18 – Wed. June 27 (Full)

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