Experiences of Guests

Learn more about what it’s like to stay here

Experiences of Guests

Learn more about what it’s like to stay here

Sam and Shen were really welcoming and patient. They did a great job making me feel welcomed, informed and comfortable. Thanks for the mosquito nets and AC too! Joyce was so sweet, I loved getting to know her. Thanks for helping me on the phone so many times (taxi, dentist, etc.) Thank you Wu De for the wisdom and humor. It was really nice to be taught in person about all the things I've read in your books and more. And thank you for the tea sessions as well - such an honor to be here! Everyone is so so passionate about tea, Global Tea Hut, Tea Sage Hut, teaching... I am super inspired by how everything is done with so much love. The food was really good! I loved meeting the other students - very sad to leave everyone!

-Cecilia, UK

“I like this place a lot. A very tranquil and settled experience in these two days, after being frustrated by traveling around, staying in the hut, brewing tea and chatting with people really calmed me down back to a state that I could better appreciate the essence of a cup of tea, and listen the chanting a whisper of the leaves and water inside with me.
will be coming back some day.”

-Sam, USA

“Very calming and informative experience. Was able to learn more about tea history through the talks and became more centered through the meditation and tea ceremonies.”

-Andres, USA

“It was awesome. Great people, amazing tea, and an incredibly immersive experience. The space and environment is very relaxing and calming. I enjoyed the very wholesome and all-encompassing approach to tea. Thank you for making it such a great experience! Can't wait to visit in the future!”

-Ryan, USA

“Staying at Tea Sage Hut was an eye opening and valuable experience. Being able to attend the daily meditation sessions, the tea sessions, and the classes was both educational and relaxing. The atmosphere of the space is very welcoming and warm. I also enjoyed meeting the other guests as we shared so much in such a short time.”

-Teddy, USA

“Visiting Tea Sage Hut was a divine and inspired experience. Wu De, Joyce, Shen, and Sam have created a setting and atmosphere of love and reverence that invites visitors to effortlessly receive the blessings of warmth, hospitality, and wisdom that they offer to all their guests. Being there instantly felt more like "home" than most places I've ever lived. Anyone and everyone should be fortunate enough to visit a magical place like Tea Sage Hut at least once in their lives. ”

-Tom, USA

“My stay at Tea Sage Hut was a great growing experience. Being at the hut allowed me to take a step back. Observe and understand myself. But also feel guided with the help of the loving and supportive people there. It's prevalent that the center only has good intentions for all its guests. ”

-Ingrid, USA

“Tea Sage Hut has provided me with a better understanding, and more importantly, a deeper appreciation for tea prior to my first stay. Each visit is accompanied by a warm welcome and an offering of meditation, conversation and a warming atmosphere for travelers all over the world to connect through a mutual love of tea. Tea Sage Hut is a continued source of inspiration for me and helps to bridge the tea life into every day life.”

-Carlye, USA

“My memories of Tea Sage Hut are very warm. I had visited the hut very quickly before, and despite the short length of my previous visit I felt like I was returning to see old friends. That is the warmth of people living in the Hut. Life at the Hut feels very holistic, complete. Everything we do there has a natural flow. I am somewhat geeky person, and I have a lot of questions about tea, history of tea and stories about specific teas. While I got a lot of tea-knowledge, I probably learned more from observing the lifestyle of servitude and self-cultivation they have in the Hut.”

-Jesse, Finland

“I'm truly grateful to have found Tea Sage Hut! It has changed not only my relationship with tea but also my values and ways of living in every day life. The generosity of everyone at the center is beyond kind. Every day was full of love. The knowledge Wu De and the students share at the center was eye-opening! I'm looking forward to returning soon, but until then I will keep practicing every day!”

-Mara, Latvia

“Staying at the tea hut was life changing. My understanding of tea, and its value, are much greater now and the lessons I learned in such a short time there will stay with me forever. I now sit quietly with my tea every day and meditate like I did at the center and wish I was still there. It's really just a matter of time before I return. I'm truly grateful for the experience they let me have.”

-John, USA

“As soon as I heard about the Tea Sage Hut, I had a magical feeling that the place I had dreamed about all my life—a place to deeply immerse myself in the spirituality and lore of Tea that was also accessible to a non-Chinese-speaking person like myself—actually existed. It has been such a blessing to stay here and be provided with such unique experiences, from heart opening tea ceremonies, trips to a holy spring to collect mountain water for tea, a guided tour of Yingge, a ceramics heaven, and more… It is a rare and amazing opportunity. Staying here is like staying with family, and it's better to drop any expectations or assumptions around a particular experience, or a need to rigorously plan your day. There are often things happening at the center, which publishes a monthly magazine! A Tea experience may be as much about spending a day meditatively filling envelopes with tea gifts, or helping scrub the center clean, as about participating in a transcendent Japanese tea ceremony. It's all Cha Dao and the more you see things in that light, the more room there will be for the magic to happen. I am so excited to bring Tea back home into my daily life and to serve others. And I am so excited to return to the Hut as well! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Tea family.”

-Zoe, Australia

"The Tea Sage Hut is a space where we can uphold values like connection, community, health, sharing and selflessness. By being part of this group, I have made lasting friendships that have helped me nourish these values and bring them to others. Many things that I have learned and come to realize by way of this tea center were just concepts before. I may have had some abstract knowledge, but little actual experience. It is wonderful to come to a space were we can drink tea skillfully yet light-heartedly, medicinally and spiritually too. I feel good knowing that we drink tea leaves made by good stewards of the earth and the magical trees that spring up from it. It’s almost as if tea was before I came here but a distant friend to me; I wanted to get to know it and understand it better but there were many obstacles. The center has helped me to traverse these obstacles and thus more fully realize the many blessings that tea brings to humanity. I now have a deeper connection with ‘Great Nature’, myself and of course tea."

-Dan, USA

"Following the frangipani-strewn path to the Tea Centre, checking to see if there are two or perhaps three water lilies in bloom in the pond just outside the front door, I re-set my mind to enter another world. I know I will be, at least temporarily, shedding some of the layers of the ‘world of dust’ from which I came. My healer, my reminder to stay on ‘the path’: tea.

My recent stay at the Centre was transformative on several levels. After studying tea for many years—reams of fascinating info pouring in mainly through the mind—and after allowing tea to point me towards a simpler, quieter mode of existence, I was ready to progress to another level in the ever-evolving art of tea. Being at the Centre connected many scattered dots for me. Not only was my mind satisfied with the kind of tea knowledge it might have taken me years more of searching to acquire, but far deeper layers of tea appreciation were peeled back for me. I stepped into a realm of connectedness with the Leaf that I was indeed prepared for but had had no idea how to fully pursue alone.

We the students learned ways of allowing tea to speak to us, of listening to it telling us how it likes to be brewed, how it can be best appreciated. We learned a more meditative approach to tea service. We practiced also listening to our own inner voices, which tell us which tea wants to be inside us now, and to better sense each tea’s energy. Through a wide array of techniques (some concrete & practical, some ethereal) we learned to connect to the plant which has been humankind’s faithful companion for millennia all the while learning to become more consciously rooted in one’s own humanity. For making a decent pot of tea requires just that: presence and an open, generous heart. Those two qualities were in vast abundance at the Centre and have lingered with me ever since my slightly heavy-hearted departure from there."

-Steve, Estonia

"My stay at the tea school was a great experience. It was a joy to meet with the other students, who were wonderful people. We drank many delicious teas, all grown in natural and organic methods, using a variety of teaware that complemented both the tea and people alike. There were many opportunities to learn and ask questions, and equally many to put intellectual matters aside and enjoy the tea and surroundings in comfortable quiet."

-Sam, UK

"Here is tea returned to its most potent minimum: good water and good leaves sought in kind company. Such is a place where conversations needn't be anything but natural, honest, and steeped in the mutual love of the Leaf. To be here, finding ourselves so privileged, it is tempting to get lost in long discussions, but you innately know that the wisdom of this place creeps in stillness, stillness found at the bottom of your tea bowl. And once you get there you may discover that your relationship with leaves, water, people and all the rest else has changed."

-Andrew, USA

"It was a hot summer day when I entered the gate strewn with Plumeria flowers... The atmosphere behind the gate was so different from the hustle and bustle of the city: it is actually a hut, deep in the mountains, where an old bearded monk has just put on a kettle of mountain spring water—it’s steam interrupting a deeper silence. I was received very warmly and spent two days in the center, meditating on each sip of pure and natural tea. It was a breath of calm joy and spirituality that was blown back into my heart, and which I am still carrying with reverence. Though I left the center after some time, the center is still inside of me."

-Max, Russia

"Meeting people at the center was very much a chance encounter for me. I didn’t know much about tea, yet was open and receptive to their teachings. I was very struck in really seeing the ways that something as simple as tea can bring a deeper joy, a greater love, and a better understanding of life. To many, tea just is a beverage to drink and not a path to any specific kind of greater understanding. Yet, in its simplicity, its ordinariness, one can begin to look deeper to see how the extraordinary can be found in the simplest of things. In journeying for the short while that I have with tea I have been given the privilege to truly live ideals I simply believed in, and I’ve been able to meet people who have used their lives to grow in a better understanding of these same ideals. The mindful practice of Cha Dao has in it a very rich tradition of helping those of us who seek true peace, calm joy, and loving kindness. It is because of this living tradition that tea isn’t a simple beverage. Neither is it some gateway to a mystical experience. To me, tea is a way to learn how to find real, every-day beauty and grow ourselves in it. In practical terms, one might look at the situation and say that encountering those at the center and encountering tea changed my life, but this is not true; life changed on its own. Those friends I met and experiences I had only helped me see the change more clearly."

-Jon, USA

I spent two weeks at the Tea Sage Hut in March of 2013, which was such a wonderful experience. My trip was full of rich interactions with present, loving individuals. We bonded over deep silence, yummy meals, incredible teas, and bounds of laughter! In every nook and cranny I found ways to deepen my connection to Self, peeling back more and more layers of my own "onion". It was such a heart warming experience of surrendering into the receiving flow. In terms of Tea, there is so much information there, some spoken, but mainly in the experience of drinking Living Teas that are brewed in ways that allow them to shine their brightest! I will warn you that once you drink Tea at the center, it is hard to go back to any old "tea in a bag, steeped in a mug". I myself wouldn't have it any other way. Meeting Wu De and cultivating my relationship to Tea has profoundly shifted my entire life! I feel so blessed and highly recommend visiting the center, and diving deeper into a steaming bowl of Living Tea.

-Baelyn, USA

Before I visited Tea Sage Hut tea was a part of my life, but in Taiwan my life became a part of tea.  I cannot speak of how much a difference visiting the center in Miaoli made on my life.  I have always enjoyed tea, and even got a lot out of Wu De's visits and workshops, but traveling to Taiwan changed everything for me. The people and the life there are incredibly welcoming and giving.  Everyday a new present in the form of tea, a delicious meal, a trip to another city, a meeting with a master, a warm hug and a smile was given to me. I was so overcome with joy and happiness, like I have never known in my life.  The two weeks I spent there we some of the most fulfilling, moving and joyous I have experienced in many, many years.

I would recommend bringing a spare suitcase for all the tea you'll be taking home!

-Jarod, USA